the 'Skinny Currie'

at last - a Powerful alternative or upgrade to the standard Currie Lead battery!
  • cuts up to 4.5Kg off the old battery pack for the same capacity and output (9A/hr NiMh) . or
  • offers 50% more capacity and saves 2.9kg (13A/hr NiMh)

Some FAQ's

Q: How come these are higher capacity when the standard battery is rated '12A/hr'?

A: Because you can use much more of the stored energy in NiMh! You can only use about 65% of a Lead-Acid battery's power before its voltage drops too low to operate the motor! That's like having a petrol tank with the outlet pipe 1/3rd the way up!! With NiMh batteries you can use 90% of the stored power.

Q: what's the difference between the two?

A: The 9A/hr NiMh pack gives a litle more range than the original 12A/hr SLA, but is built from D-cells & weighs 3.5Kg AND IT FITS THE REAR CARRIER. The 13A/hr pack is built from F-cells: it weighs 5.1Kg but gives an increased range - 25 miles from customer reports.

Q: What are the drawbacks?

A: Mainly it is price, but we offer the best-priced high capacity batteries around! - Just get a quote from Yuasa, SAFT, or anyone else ! These batteries can't be charged or used at very low or very high temperatures. Use in normal weather is fine, but sub-Z and above 40C is a no-no

Q: How long will they last?

A: NiMh are much better suited to use on electric bikes than Lead-Acid. They 'like' being deeply discharged, and used with our smart charger they can deliver 400+ charge cycles and still keep 80% or their rated capacity.

Q: What about Li-Ion - isn't this 'the future'?

A: Li-Ion are excellent batteries for electric bikes, but the Currie uses up to 23 Amps@24V, and Li-Ion batteries that deliver this are too expensive and have safety questions: 'venting with flame' as the reports say!!. I am using Li-Ion with lower powered 36V hub motors (nano-motor), and they are a delight!

The complete Currie electro-drive kit with:

  • frame-or rear carrier-mounted 9A/hr NiMh battery & 1.8A charger £495, or
  • frame-mounted 13A/hr NiMh battery & 1.8A charger £550
  • or see below for upgrades....
Both packs are top-quality industrial cells, tagged and welded, with embedded thermistor. The pack is designed to fit inside the standard Currie frame case, with spacers to hold it securely in free air for optimum cooling. Full specification can be found here

The 'smart' charger delivers up to 1.8Amps, measuring temperature, current and voltage and uses all three to determine charge current and end-point. Once fully charged, it switched to a 'maintenance' trickle to offset the inherrent self-discharge of about 1%/day.
It is robust: well-built in an aluminium case with fan-assisted cooling. Simple 2-colour LED for charge state monitoring

3A charger with discharge-cycle facility £65.

Also available as an upgrade kit with detailed self-installation instructions, or I can send you a replacement battery and charger, with rebate for return of your existing battery/charger.

  • 9A/hr NiMh. £185 (includes charger worth £35, next-day delivery and rebate)
  • 13A/hr NiMh £245 (includes charger worth £35, next-day delivery and rebate)