Looks like a Bike........Goes like a Rocket!
This is a new 20" frame, 26" wheel rigid 'MTB' with a Currie electro-drive power kit . Some assembly required, tools provided. The bike & kit carries 12 month rtb warranty. The battery carries a 6 month warranty

Have you ever tried actually pedalling one of these

As bikes, they are hopeless!

The electro-drive is the best-selling power kit, delivering maximum UK legal power (250watts continuous rating) and maximum speed of 15mph - and best value!

See www.electro-drive.co.uk for full details

The kit will fit most bikes with: 20" frame (or larger), 36-spoke, 3-cross rear wheel with derailleur gears (not hub gears)

The motor is a high-efficiency brushless motor operating at ~3000 rpm, geared through a planetary gearbox a drive chain. Unlike brushless hub motors that struggle at low revs, the electro-drive will climb 1:8 hills with moderate rider effort
The thumb throttle gives continuous, variable control of power. You decide how much pedalling and how much power you want.
The removable battery (1 quarter-turn fastener) has 2 x 12Amp/hr SLA batteries that can give up to 20 miles range. 14Amp/hr batteries available. NiMh option expected soon! see www.nimh-direct.co.uk for more details.

"Be the envy of all your friends"

...yeah, right!!

I have been supplying these since 2000 with 100% customer satisfaction. They are reliable, flexible and easy to maintain. I carry any spares you might need, typically

drive chain (~18months) £15
tension adjuster (~24 months) £2.50
replacement battery cells (~18months) £22.50 ea

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