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Reports on the electro-drive

the Currie Police Bike Currie doing their bit for the good guys
A2B Straight-talking A2B took a look at an early import - if I didn't sell all my kits, I would take a newer one for them the look at.....
IHPVA and IHPVA (trikes) Here' s what the 'Human-Powered Vehicle' people say: perhaps it should be 'IE-DPVA', though? Check out the trike!

I can supply the Magura twistgrip described therin - £55 +p&p and I have an adapter to change it to a thumb-throttle for £5
Knoxie's pages Paul's pages on the 'drive - not quite 'Reader's Wives' more 'Blokes Bikes'!

Read his notes closely to get the best from the kit.
Powabyke Fan Club Coming to an agricultural show near you!....

"I have no reservations whatsoever about recommending the Pro Drive to anyone interested in an electric drive unit" "We consider their products the standard by which to measure others" "In short, Currie products offer exceptional "bang for the buck""
Carl@wisechat "Compared to the other e-bikes I've ridden, my Currie-equipped e-bike is (to me) noticeably better."
Bicycle Motor Reviews "Although every manufacturer had its advantages and disadvantages, I felt nothing was comparable to the US Prodrive."
ebikeshootout Electric Bike Shoot out: "Although its "U.S. ProDrive" bike doesn't have the name cachet of ZAP's police bike, Currie Technologies might actually have the better bike ­ and drive system."

electro-drive 'Shooting' Gallery


How's this for a weekend's work?

The electro-drive looks nicely at home, and with the battery pack hidden inside luggage you could be forgiven for thinking it's pedal-powered - until you see the bike accelerating uphill without the rider breaking sweat!

Thanks to Rob for his photo

This kit is 3 years old now, hand carried from the US of A. Absence of decals on the motor says it a US spec. 'Silver Can' BMC MAC motor. Lousy marketing, but masses of torque. A wolf in street clothing.
My main ride: Dahon JetStream: with the battery mounted this way it still folds OK. Good for 13mph - front and rear suspenders iron out the bumps in Wiltshire roads.
this is a Giant Allrounder: alloy frame, suspension seapost, dynamo lights and rack - just the ticket for the 'streetwise'
Taken from a Currie website

The 'Boardwalk' offered a good value 20" folding package.

Superseded now by the Philips model and by several lighter Dahon models, priced from £199. Hub geared models can be fitted with a front hub motor.

Not quite how Gary Fisher intended perhaps, but this is a Napa in street clothes, sporting a 2002 electro-drive kit.

Probably the smallest frame that will take the frame-mount electro-drive kit. Any smaller and you'll need the rack-mount version.