Hi-Power Motors
For added excitement the standard motor can be upgraded to higher power and speed!

The BMC 600 is a fine motor, but it has a problem with overheating, causing it to shutdown or even burn out:

By taking the control electronics out of the motor and uprating the voltage to 36V or 48V the motor can deliver a massive torque of 3.4 Newton Metres and and input power of 1150Watts;

....... that's about 1 1/2 Horsepower in old-speak! - read the Dyno-results!

Motor & Controller: £375 inc VAT & delivery. Possible rebate on your old motor (depending on condition)
600W BMC

New Kit Price: from £725 VAT & delivery (depending on battery type)

what's the difference?

Using the BMC 600 watt frame, it is designed to be used with an external controller and can be safely run at up to 48 volts. For those of you who are familiar with the BMC family of internally controlled motors (High-torque, High-speed, 36 volt High-torque) this motor would qualify as the Extra High-torque model. At any given voltage this motor will run slower but deliver greater torque than those motors.

At 36 or 48 volts the Hi-Power will leave the stock motor in the dust, propelling you to 24-25 mph with great acceleration.

If this motor were internally controlled it would be rated at appx. 600 watts continuous output (power output without overheating). Eliminating the internal controller removes a major source of heat build-up thus enabliing the Hi-Power motor will be able to sustain higher power output. We do not as yet have a rating that we can label "official", but suffice it to say that at 36 volts this motor produces 738 watts(barely under 1 Horsepower) at 87% efficiency.

Rpms(no load): Appx. 109/volt

This is the Brushless DC controller. It is electronically limited to 35 amps and will operate at 36 to 48 volts. It will operate with either a hall-effect or potentiometer based throttle.

Features a Brake inhibit circuit:
When this circuit is closed the controller is disabled. This circuit is commonly rigged to a switch that is activated by a vehicle's brake's as a safety mechanism. Switched brake levers available.

36V/48V Controller