BMC 600 Watt electro-drive Motor

This is an alternative motor for the electro-drive kit, direct from the Brushless Motor Corporation (BMC) 

You will get higher speed, better hill-climbing ability, faster acceleration, and reduced heat.

Make sure your drive chain and sprocket is in good shape - you'll need it!

On the photo on the left, it shows the 600-watt BMC motor on my Dahon Jetstream.  
The BMC Hi-Speed motor is the most powerful direct replacement motor you can put on your electro-drive.  It is truly great !  


Also available is the BMC 600-watt  HI SPEED version of this motor.  The "Plus" Hi-Speed  Bicycle motor  motor will have about a 4 mph higher top speed, with slightly less torque for hills.

Specifications:  Hi-Speed 24-volt brushless DC motor, with internal controller.  Includes low-voltage battery protection, over-heating protection, peak amperage protection, and brake-inhibit

Rated power at about 700 rpm higher speed than the Hi-Torque motor.
No-Load speed is also about 700 rpm faster.

Rated output wattage, continuous

562 watts    

RPM at rate wattage

2535 rpm    

HP at rated output


Input voltage MAXIMUM

24 volts

Current at rated output

28.1 amps