electrodrive 2007-8
The electrodrive has moved on!
How it Compares (with 2006 model)
Some good points (over BMC kit) .........some not so good
  • Brushed motor - better low-speed torque
  • Quieter
  • Hall-Effect Speed Control - robust & weatherproof
  • External motor Controller - better cooling
  • Ramped startup - no more BMC 'kangaroo starts'
  • Smooth, progressive control - no 70%-100% BMC 'jump'
  • Improved battery Quick-Release - low-wear design
  • 3-LED Battery Status Display
  • Wider choice of speed controllers - Thumb, Full-Grip, Pedal Force etc.
  • Higher Peak Output Power
  • 'Over-Volting' Opportunity - but no warranty!
  • Same excellent drive system!
  • Brushed motor - 8%-10% less efficient than 'old' BMC brushless motor
  • Heavier + 0.9kg
  • Standard control is now a Twistgrip - not suitable for common GripShift/RevoShift changers. I can supply a conversion to the old-style thumb control (+£15)
  • External motor Controller - larger battery case
electrodrive battery case The battery case has been enlarged to fit the motor speed controller inside. The old quarter-turn fastener (that invariably quickly wore out) has been replaced by a pin-and-clip that is built to last.
lectrodrive motor

The motor keeps the same 3-point fixing and flattened shaft drive, and so is compatible with the original drive system, along with BMC and Kollmorgen motors.

There is now s single 2-core cable connected to the controller via. 'Faston' tab conector. A bash-guard is provided to spare the motor some damage!

electrodrive controller

Rated at 40Amps, the controller is man enough for the job! It fits in the bottom part of the battery enclosure (though other mountings are possible) and connects to the throttle, battery and motor.

It provides a smoother control of power than the BMC motor, and includes a safety circuit to prevent the bike 'taking off' when switched on.

electrodrive HE throttle

The speed control is now the contact-free Hall Effect type giving greater weather resistance and less exposure to damage exposure. Many will fnd the twistgrip easier and more 'natural' to use, but will will be making a Hall Effect Thumb control available.

The twist grip has a 3-LED bsttery state indicator that also doubles as a controller self-check.